Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oh Blogosphere, oh blogosphere..........

I loved that comic. And I haven't really seen much daylight today. You see, I've been TRYING to revamp THIS BLOG. It's not going well, frankly. It's all manner of frustrating. I thought I'd make a clever drop-down navigation menu. All my links disappeared, and you can't hover to expand it. It's driving me crazy. Also, the header image is just not cooperating.

So, friends, that's what I've spent ten hours on today. I had plans, sure. But I worked on the blog instead, and it's still not actually set up right! 

I'll get there though. Really. 

But not right now. Right now, I am going to do something useful. I am going to do some cleaning. I've washed my sheets, and now I am going to put them back on and make the bed. 

But I leave you with this video from one of my favorite Youtube channels. Melissa Maker of Clean My Space on How to Make Your Bed (and lead a happier life):