Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Disturbing Truth (and a plan)

Did you ever REALLY want to get on a crazy health kick but not know where to start?

Get on Netflix. Watch some documentaries. Scare yourself. Give yourself  some hope.  It works.
Actually, I was sold before I got on Netflix and started watching Food Matters; Hungry for Change; Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead; and Genetic Roulette (okay, that one was on Amazon Prime). I was sold before. I watched the documentaries to stay in the zone. I am going to try to watch one every day for a month or two. They help keep me in the right frame of mind. They remind me that this is not (entirely) about my weight. This is a health thing. This is necessary.

This? Oh, yeah. Did I mention that I am transitioning us onto the GAPS diet with an extra focus on whole food, specifically veggies? Yeah. I am.

Let me give you an overview of where we are right now, and understand that I am going public right now, being more honest about this stuff than I really like to be. So be gentle with me.

Right now, this moment, I weigh 261 pounds.
I am 5'3" and some change. That's not going to change.
I am 32 years old.
I have been diagnosed with the following:
Chronic Migraines (basilar, common/classic, acelphagic (silent), hemiplegic, static, and transformed types)
Osteoarthritis (and possible rheumatoid arthritis, but we haven't completed the testing yet)
SLE (Lupus)
Chronic Urticaria
Kidney Dysfunction
Hypokalemia (low potassium, which is wasted by my kidneys)
Hypomagnesemia (low magnesium)
Anemia (iron deficiency and B12 deficiency)
Occasional Hypertension (usually related to potassium levels)
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
Chronic Fungal Infections
Allergies (seasonal, cats, dermal - and excitingly, I am VERY allergic to antihistamines. Yeah. BENADRYL COULD KILL ME. How awesome is that??)
Chronic Insomnia

But hey, I have good hair, right? RIGHT?!

And my son has some serious behavioral/emotional challenges.

Listen, if you're reading this, and you have faith in God, whether or not you are Orthodox, I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop right now and pray for me.

It is a miracle that I don't have diabetes. It is a wonder that my blood pressure is not ALWAYS high. I can't even tell you.

But if I keep going like this, honestly, very, painfully, brutally honestly, it will be a miracle if I live to see my granchildren born.

And yet, the pressing issue to me RIGHT NOW, is that I am constantly in pain, uncomfortable, and demoralized. It's a challenge to bend over and pick up the keys that I dropped on the floor. It's painful to get out of bed. It's difficult to get up out of a chair. Walking to the store? Up the road? Less than a mile away? It's taxing. I cannot live like this anymore.

And I know that my Wild Child is not happy being unable to control his hyperactive anger (to quote his pediatrician, "anyone who doesn't believe he has ADHD has not spent more than ten minutes with him.") He is CERTAINLY not happy when his outbursts follow their natural consequences. I've been injured in the middle of them before. It's not a good thing.

I think I mentioned before that I have been seriously researching the GAPS diet, and I want to transition us both onto it. That's happening. We need it.

But I think I am going further for myself.

Right now, since Sunday, I have been eating only raw fruits and vegetables, healthy oils, and flax seeds in salads and smoothies. On Monday, I started a big pot of perpetual bone broth with the giant soup bones my butcher cut for me ($12 for ten pounds of marrow bone? From grass-fed local cows? YES PLEASE!). Yesterday, I got my juicer (thanks to a dear friend, a gift certificate, and free two-day shipping from Amazon Prime), and I've been drinking juice. I'm still drinking coffee, but I am limiting it to two cups a day and sweetening it with local, raw honey (which helps the allergies!).

I am planning on keeping this up. On fasting days, I am planning to just drink raw juice.

I need prayer! I don't know how this is going to work when my son gets home from his trip. I know the first step for him is getting rid of the junk foods and gluten. I will see how that goes and work with our doctor to figure out the next step from there.

I just wanted to get this out there, because I want to be public about this. It keeps me accountable. It lets me see my progress. It lets YOU see my progress. It gives you the opportunity to pray for me, talk to me, or even join me in this journey. I am scared and excited at the same time. I am praying that this will really help us. I want to be around for my grandchildren. I want to be able to keep up with my son. Heck, I want to be able to get off the couch every day!

Again, please pray for me. Or wish me luck. Or both!

Thanks for reading.


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