Sunday, November 3, 2013

NABLOPOMO - National Blog Post Month?

Right. So I signed up for this, and I committed to posting once a day in November. It's only the 3rd, and I've already failed!


But I am looking at the Blog Prompts, and they're not including weekends, so maybe it's not a total wash?

How's your weekend been?

Me? Thanks for asking. I've been absolutely plagued by the CUTEST PUPPY EVER. He showed up at my house Friday night, and by Sunday afternoon, he had decided to worm his way into my heart, defer and be all submissive with my dogs, and beg my son for belly rubs. So, of course, now it's just a few hours til it's time to decide once and for all whether he stays here or goes to the shelter in the hopes that his people come and claim him. And I REALLY can't decide. My heart is telling me to keep the little guy. My head is telling me not to. The boy is begging me to do it.

Seriously, I've worked with this pup TWICE, and he remembers "sit," "down," "wait," "give hug," "off," "leave it," "go to bed," and "come to me." That makes him about two commands shy of Mandy and about a billion more than Joey, who took six months to realize that he's ACTUALLY supposed to sit on command. And he's CUTE. And so sweet. And affectionate. Ugh. It's really not helping my decision-making process that he's so darned adorable. And obedient. At least, he is so far. He's only been here two days, and it can take a couple of weeks for their temperament to really show up. But, he's just tugging at my heart strings so hard!! It's a nightmare, I tell you!! A NIGHTMARE!! A cute, fluffy, whimpering, adorable, happy little nightmare.

See? Do you see??  Do you see my dilemma here???? How can you say no to these faces????????

I've also been working pretty much nonstop around the house this weekend, but more on that later, when I can come back with some pictures and the story! 

I hope you all enjoyed your extra hour of sleep last night. I know I did!  I'll be back some time on Monday with a less-insane update.

Love always,