Sunday, April 21, 2013

Themed Days, Spring Unit, and More Fun Plan(t)s

So tomorrow we are starting our themed days. Monday is Native American Day, and right now, my Wee Brave is all about gardening. So we will be learning about the three sisters, and getting the beginnings of our raised beds to plant them.

We're going to use a small, modified hugelkultur to make the mounds, so first we dig a hole, then line it with newspaper and/or cardboard. Then we put sticks, twigs, and the like on top of that, til it's raised up a good bit off the ground. Next go the dirt and sod removed from the holes, followed by top soil, manure, compost, and some sort of mulch or dirt. We'll plant directly into that.

We'll spend some time on Khan Academy
Addition, subtraction, measuring, and mapping in the garden

gardening - decomposition, sprouting, etc.

Writing names of tribes, plants, etc.
Copywork from..... somewhere.

Journal - garden journal will work!

Explode the Code

His bible
The Encyclopedia of North American Indian Tribes
whatever else catches his fancy

Reading from his bible reader
Let Us Attend

Lesson from Manners Made Easy workbook

The Encyclopedia of North American Indian Tribes

Introducing the Cherokee Alphabet

And of course, GARDENING! We've got another dogwood to plant tomorrow, leaves and sticks to move to the backyard after the hedges were trimmed (we'll use these in the modified hugelkultur beds for our three sisters garden)

Clean room
Feed dogs
Keep dog water bows full
Pick up your things
Get the mail
Take out the trash

Water flower garden
Water Charlotte (our first planted dogwood)
Water box garden (tomatoes, bell peppers, swiss chard, basil, and carrots. He built the box and planted the garden with my dad yesterday when my parents showed up for a surprise visit!)
Pick up sticks from hedges and take to backyard
Rake leaves
Put away laundry

And we have a baseball game at 7:00 - Go CPRD A's! I promised Wee Brave that if we got done with the schoolwork, house work, and gardening in time, we'd go to the baseball park early to walk the nature trails and feed the ducks. So, here's hoping!  I have a ton of laundry to finish in addition to all the other usual stuff, and I also have a boatload of my OWN schoolwork to catch up on. And I need to get back on Amazon and get some small jobs so I can get paid!

We have an exciting week planned, with several trips out to my friend's farm for mutual assistance. He needs to level some beds, and I need topsoil! He's also got some cuttings to root for my butterfly garden, and he knows some good spots to pick up compost and pallets. He's also got logs for some of our hugelkultur beds, and we can talk ducks and goats. And hey! Added bonus! I get another adult to talk to, and the Budding Blue Botanist gets a couple of kids to work/play with!

Lots of exciting things coming up this spring. Watch this space!