Friday, February 15, 2013

Chores for kids!

So, we've been talking about chores  - partly because my little man owes me some money, and partly because it's just good practice.  Typically, he's been responsible for taking out the trash (for which I pay a quarter), cleaning the bathroom (with vinegar and water in a spray bottle), and feeding and watering the dogs.  He's recently started taking an interest in doing the dishes, and we're working on learning that one.

So, I was starting to look into chores when I found some great resources on the subject.

My friend Edna wrote a blog about chores for the Family Life Ministry page (GOArch).  It's REALLY good stuff!  I highly recommend that ANYBODY with kids, Orthodox or otherwise, read her post.

Here is a list of 43 chores for kids up to age seven!  We'll be looking at this list pretty extensively.

I am working on a chore chart, but I think I am basing it on Edna's model, outlined in her blog above.

I am also SERIOUSLY looking for some resources for dealing with ADHD/ODD children in homeschool situations.  We have a lot of very trying days, and I think we BOTH need a system that works.

Meanwhile, I appreciate your continued prayers for our family.